What is MCPrison?

MCPrison has 2 custom aquatic prison Realms | Medieval Themed realm | Cursed Themed Realm experience set in Minecraft version 1.15. Players are thrown into a custom built server with dedicated developers to bring you the best content they can produce!


When a player logs onto our server you'll first have to decide if you want to play with the fish. You'll have to mine your way through the ranks from A to Z. If you happen to overcome all of these obstacles, you have the option to ascend. Ascending (Prestiging) will give you great power. However, to do this is fairly costly; after each prestige the cost will grow exponentially. In order to afford this cost, it will require hours of dedication and perseverance. Ask yourself this...are you up to the task?

Server Ranks and Staff

Pacific & Atlantic Server Ranks

All players will have access to these ranks. They will be assigned to you as you progress through the prison experience. Every player starts at A (Angelfish) rank and must /rankup in game to obtain the higher tiers. To see all these tiers type /ranks in game. Your rank determines how much you sell blocks for. It does not matter which mine you decide to spend your time in, you will always sell for the same amount (based on your rank.) Ranks are as follows:

  • Start: Angelfish
  • B: Barnacle
  • C: Coral
  • D: Dolphin
  • E: Eel
  • F: Flouder
  • G: Giant Squid
  • H: Hermit Crab
  • I: Ice Fish
  • J: Jellyfish
  • K: Krill
  • L: Lobster
  • M: Manatee
  • N: Narwhal
  • O: Octopus
  • P: Penguin
  • Q: Quillfish
  • R: Ray
  • S: Shark
  • T: Tuna
  • U: Unicorn Fish
  • V: Viper Fish
  • W: Walrus
  • X: Xray Fish
  • Y: Yellowfin Tuna
  • Z: Zebra Fish
  • End: Prestige 1+

Server Donors

If you decide to support our server by purchasing a donor rank, you will be given an in game rank and title based on how much you donate. We currently have 6 donor ranks available for purchase on Pacific & Atlantic. We have a further 5 different ranks for Medieval and another 5 for Cursed. (For a full list of benefits and perks please visit our store @

Pacific / Atlantic

  • Surfer ($10 USD)
  • Diver ($25 USD)
  • Sailor ($50 USD)
  • Captain ($100 USD)
  • Pirate ($150 USD)
  • Admiral ($285 USD)

Tip: There is one in game rank not listed above which is reserved for content creators. If you see someone with the "Partner" rank, this is what it is from.

Server Staff

Server Staff are on the server for moderation, help, and safety. If you need assistance, these are your "go-to" people. There are currently 6 Staff positions.

  • Helper - General Assistance; mute + kick privileges
  • Mod - General Assistance; ban and unmute privileges
  • SrMod - Higher level assistance; ability to forcefully teleport to a player suspected of breaking rules, unban + vanish privileges
  • Admin - Higher level assistance; GMC 1/Creative permissions, ability to spawn certain items into the game
  • Manager - Highest level assistance; Operator permissions (ability to give/take permissions from other players)
  • Owner - Supreme assistance; Owner of the server, all permissions

Pickaxes and Pickaxe Enchantments

Starter Pickaxe

When you log onto the server, you will need to claim the member kit in order to get a pickaxe, to claim the kit you need to do “/kit.” The name will keep changing based on the amount of blocks you break. Hovering over the pickaxe will show the enchantments and amount of blocks broken. This pickaxe cannot lose durability or break. If for some reason you lose your Omnitool, you can claim another one after 24 hours by doing “/kit.” Pickaxes can now also be traded, be careful to who you trade your pickaxe with.

Tip: The starter pickaxe is an equipped Omnitool. It will turn into a Shovel/Axe/Hoe when used on sand/wood/dirt.

Normal Enchantments

Every block mined on prison will give you an enchantment token. Use these enchantment tokens to upgrade your pickaxe. Type /enchant to access this menu. Be aware that each time you upgrade an enchantment, the token cost will increase. Normal/Basic enchants are as follows:

  • Efficiency - The speed at which blocks are mined.
  • Fortune - Chance to get multiple blocks from mining.
  • Explosive - Chance to mine an 8x8x8 area..
  • Jackhammer - Chance to mine the whole layer of the mine.
  • Laser - Chance to mine a cross in your mine.
  • Jump - Gives you an extra boost when jumping.
  • Speed - Speed at which your character moves.
  • Haste - Speed at which your character breaks blocks.
  • Beaconator - Chance to give extra beacons.
  • EToken Master - Chance to give you 3000 ETokens.
  • Booster Finder - Chance to give you boosters.

Tip: You can withdraw etokens with /withdrawetokens.

Prestige Enchantments

Each time a player prestiges, they will get a prestige token. Prestige tokens are used for prestige enchantments. All prestige pickaxe enchantments will show up light red when applied to your pickaxe. Prestige/God enchants are as follows:

  • Double Trouble - Chance to get multiple Etokens when mining. Chance increases per level.
  • Tsunami - Extremely low chance to mine out the entire mine. Chance increases per level.
  • Treasure Hunter - Extremely low chance to find Minecrates while mining. Chance increases per level.

Tip: You cannot trade prestige tokens. They are account bound.

Backpacks and Backpack Enchantments


When you log onto the server, you will start off with a 64 block capacity backpack. Hover over the backpack to see how many blocks it can store. When you mine, your blocks will automatically go into your backpack. Left-Click the backpack to check it's contents and Right-Click to withdraw these contents into your inventory. You can upgrade the backpack's capacity using enchantment tokens via /enchant or /etshop.

Backpack Enchantments

MCPrison offers the ability to enchant your backpack. Backpack enchantments can be applied just like pickaxe enchantments; with etokens via /enchant or /etshop. Backpack enchants are as follows:

  • Auto Sell - Automatically sells 100k blocks from your backpack every 8 seconds. Leveling this enchantment will increase the amount of blocks sold and the frequency.
  • Sell Multi - Multiplies the sell price of the blocks sold by auto sell by 1.001x. Leveling this enchantment will increase the multiplier

Realms/Private Mines

Every player obtains the free private mine given to them when they join Pacific | Atlantic | Cursed, We don't provide free Private mines on medieval, You can enjoy the 26 unique built a to z mines. they also have the option to purchase a private mine via our online store. If you decide to purchase a private mine, there are a lot of perks and benefits to be aware of. It will be your choice on whether or not you would like to open your realm up to others or just keep it to yourself. Realms and private mines are extremely customizable. You can build inside the realm, change the block type in the mine, and even edit your realm's welcome message. If you decide to buy a private mine, you will be able to unlock different themes for your private mine. Additional information is listed below. 

User Interface Menu (When you are outside of your realm and type /realm)

  • Open Portal - Open the portal to your realm/private mine.
  • Lock/Unlock - Ability to open/close your realm to the public. Default comes locked.
  • Whitelist - Allows a player to join your realm and mine even when it is locked to the public.
  • Blacklist - Ability to prevent someone from joining your realm indefinitely.
  • Edit - Edits the "welcome" description of the realm. (Shows up under the player's name on the realm over the physical portal block in game)

User Interface Menu (When you are inside of your realm and type /realm)

  • Block Type - Ability to change the block type in your mine. You can only use the block types from general prison mines that you have unlocked. If you enjoy mining multiple block types, this is an option for private mines as well.
  • Mine Reset - Ability to reset your private mine. (This will teleport everyone to the mine's set spawn point)
  • Spawn Point - Ability to change your realm's spawn point.
  • Whitelist - Allows a player to join your realm and mine even when it is locked to the public.
  • Blacklist - Ability to prevent someone from joining your realm indefinitely.

Tip: The default realm is a large bedrock box with a bedrock mine template inside. Use colorful blocks to build inside of your realm and decorate to your liking. (Or you can just leave it the way it comes. The choice is yours!)


You can obtain robots by buying robot crates to obtain Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald robots, you can also obtain Obsidian robots by buying the monthly crates. Robots can be placed at your plots or at your private mine. To increase the speed of your robot, or how much you make you need to acquire beacons.


Beacons have been implemented for robots, you can upgrade your robots with beacons, you can mine beacons at /warp robot1 and /warp robot2, or you can also receive beacons in the market, or by buying them from other players. 


  • /warp robot (Beacon Mine)
  • /beaconspay (Pay beacons to other players)
  • /beaconswithdraw (Withdraw beacons)

Global Boosters & Boosters

Global Boosters & Boosters are obtained through crates, minecrates and other stuff, global boosters will affect the whole server whereas boosters will affect just yourself.



Classes (or paths) function much like ones you would see in a general MMORPG video game. Players will chose a Class/Path when they log in and expect to level their chosen Class by playing the game. On MCPrison players will gain experience towards leveling their chosen Class from each block they mine. Each block broken is worth experience based on a player's current rank or prestige level. (Only the original block broken counts towards experience. Blocks broken by enchantments do not count.) The Exp it takes to level Classes increases by 50% every level. Players can chose to level more than one Class, with the ability to switch between them at will. However, you can only have the benefits from one class active at a time. Available Classes/Paths can be found below.

Buffing Miner

Buffing Miner Class has a focus of buffing yourself and those around you with short term buffs that progressively become better and better as you level up and earn talents.

Class Benefits

  • Enchantment Token Buff - Increases the amount of etokens earned.
  • Sell Buff - Increases the amount of balance earned per block sold.
  • Pickaxe Buff - Increases the effectiveness of the enchantments on your pickaxe.

Class Passives

  • Buffs stack together.
    • Example: Player A procs a buff and then Player B procs a buff. They run separately, but the benefits are stacked and added to all players in a party.
  • Chance of buffing yourself and those around after every block you break.

Signature Passive/Talent

Buffs Overwhelming - Increases the effectiveness of all active buffs and their timers.

  • Chance of activating every time a class buff procs.
  • Levels up each time your class levels up. Does not require additional talent points.
  • Level ups increase the efficiency and length of active buffs.

Path Talents

  • Buff Duration - Increases the amount of time a buff lasts.
  • Buff Strength - Increases the amount of power a buff has.
  • Buff Chance - Increases the chance of a buff happening.

Lucky Miner

Lucky Miner Class is focused around being lucky and having the chance to find lucky orbs, crates, and keys while mining.

Class Benefits

  • Lucky Orbs - Orbs/Pouches filled with enchantment tokens and experience.
  • Lucky Crates - Better odds and the chance to find more rewards when finding lucky crates.

Class Passive

  • Only class capable of finding lucky orbs while mining. Lucky crates are stronger with this class.

Signature Passive/Talent

Lucky Mining Spree - Increases your chances of finding lucky orbs/crates and your rewards.

  • Chance of activating after opening an orb or crate.
  • Levels up each time your class levels up. Does not require additional talent points.
  • Level ups increase your chances.

Path Talents

  • Lucky Orbs - Increases your chance of finding a lucky orb.
  • Lucky Cra

Gangs and Benefits

Gangs mimic the same game design as guilds would, but are tailored to fit the prison theme. Anybody can form a prison gang to start earning unique benefits and rewards. Gangs can be customized by the following;

  • Gang Name - Change the name of your guild.
  • Gang Banner - Chance the /banner of your guild.
  • Gang Symbol/Tag - Leader of the guild has the ability to specify a 4-6 character tag that will show up next to any gang member that talks in chat. Symbol/Tag signifies what gang you are a part of.
  • Gang Ranks and Member Assignments - Ability to make custom ranks names and permissions within a guild. (Similar to Minecraft faction servers)

To start earning benefits and rewards for owning/being in a gang, you must level the gang up. Every time a gang member breaks a block in a mine, they earn experience towards leveling up their gang. Each level will provide the gang with a talent point used to unlock new buffs/boosts. These buffs/boosts apply to every member of the gang. Once your gang reaches a certain level, the gang leader will be able to purchase a gang realm; fully equipped with a private gang mine! However, purchasing a gang realm is not cheap and will require a hefty number of talent points. All gang benefits and upgrades can be found below.

  • Gangs will level from 1-1000; gaining 1 talent point per level (only leader can spend gang talent points)

Gang Talents

  • Gang slots increase gang's max member count (default: 10):
    • Gang Slots 1 - 10 members to 13 members
    • Gang Slots 2 - 13 members to 15 members
    • Gang Slots 3 - 15 members to 17 members
    • Gang Slots 4 - 17 members to 20 members (max)
  • Path Booster - Increases the amount of path Xp found for all members.
  • Etoken Booster - Increases the amount of enchantment tokens found for all members.
  • Money Booster - Increases the balance gained from selling blocks for all members.

Buffing Station

Next to each prison mine there will be a Buff Station. Players can spend experience they earn from mining on small 5 and 10 Minute buffs for sell prices, enchantment tokens, and more. Each block a player breaks while mining gives them a set amount of experience. Exp can also be earned from being in a party, or gained from Minecrate rewards..


Players have a small chance to find lucky crates while mining that give the following items;

  • Experience Orbs - Give's Variable amount of Exp to be used on /Buffingstation
  • Enchantment Tokens - Gives Variable amount of Etokens
  • Boosters - Random 2x Etoken / Money / Path Boosters for 10 minutes

Tip: Lucky Miner path has better odds and the chance to find more rewards when finding lucky crates. All Minecrates are tradable between players.

Log in Rewards

Players will gain log in rewards for every day in a row they log in. Log in rewards are shown like a calendar in-game and are accessible with the command /Daily. You have to manually click the correct box/day to check in. Much like daily quests, People who abuse our safeguards will be permanently removed from our server. Rewards are not based on the monthly calendar, but instead a calendar that goes for exactly 30 days. Rewards will get progressively better towards the end of the month and very good at 7 day consecutive log in milestones.

Additional Tips & Tricks

1). Scoreboard (on the right-hand of your screen) shows;

  • Your current balance
  • Your current enchantment tokens
  • Your current rank
  • Your current prestige
  • Your rank-up progress
  • Your Class/Path
    • Current Path
    • Path level
    • Path experience
  • Website IP

2. Ability to set your favorite /mine using /mines command

3). /Prestigemax to increase the maximum amount of prestige's you can afford

4). Blocks broken can be seen below your player name /bb

5). /warp or /warps to go to mines, pvp, crates, etc.

6). /lobby will bring you to the server hub (out of prison)

7). /ah - Extensive auction house with categories

8). /trade - Easy and trustworthy way of trading

9). /baltop, /prestigetop, /ettop, /gangtop - Top players on the server

10). Player Homes (/home) ~ Donor Feature




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